Frozen fruits & vegetables that have had their temperature reduced and maintained to below their freezing point for the purpose of storage and transportation until they are ready to be eaten. In Rihanna Foods, we offer products at peak ripeness to ensure the maximum quality and maintaining all their nutrients and properties.

 We care about every detail to provide the best products to our customers. That is why we pour our efforts, innovation, and passion into ensuring that every step we take is to maintain and ensure the freshness and essence of foods is perfect.

The clients’ satisfaction is our best guarantee.

We select the best fields and the best varieties of seeds. We carry out precision sowing and we monitor the whole growing process in detail.

Daily monitoring of plants and their quality. We decide precisely when to pick the crop in order to harvest the food at the point of optimum ripeness. We keep a check on traceability throughout the whole process.

Our aim is that not more than three hours should elapse between harvesting and deep freezing of the product to ensure maximum quality in terms of nutritional and organoleptic values: in other words, color, flavor, aroma, and texture.

Just-in-time, with maximum quality, quantity and format required. This is the motto that leads us day by day to supply our customers, quite simply with what they require.