Sardines are a tiny fish with a very big nutrient profile! In fact, very few other foods pack the same amount of nutrients per ounce. Liver comes pretty close, but it is often more dreaded than the humble sardine.

Real food is often more expensive than processed foods, but sardines are a notable exception. Canned sardines are one of the few super-healthy, budget-friendly portable “fast foods” out there. It is a fish with a delicate and tasty flesh, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients such as phosphorus, selenium, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B3 also, and vitamin B6.

The fishing season starts between May and November in the Moroccan Atlantic Coast.

A staple in Mediterranean cuisine, olives offer essential nutrients and provide a healthful source of fat in a balanced diet.

Canned olives have a long shelf life, which reduces spoilage and offers an economical way to incorporate more olives into your diet.